Data engineering, designed for developers

Modern data science requires modern data engineering. That's where Gather comes in. We handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on the product.

gather flow

A fully-managed data pipeline service

Using Flow's expressive visual graph interface, build scalable batch pipelines without thinking about infrastructure. Ingest data from anywhere, create complex transformation pipelines, and write data wherever you need it.

Ingest data from anywhere

We have connectors for all your internal data, from CSVs to HDFS. Enrich with external sources from open data to 3rd party APIs.

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Powerful transformation library

Use our built-in visual transformation library inspired by the best data manipulation practices. Merge, segment, and filter without touching code (although you can if you want to).


Set up and run a pipeline in minutes without deploying anything. From MBs to TBs, we handle scaling for you in our secure cloud.

Pre-configured Flows

Saving you time is the purpose of Gather. We do that by ensuring that simplicity and intuitiveness is built into every corner of the platform, like our library of pre-built Flows.

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Designed for developers

Gather was built for developers. That's why you can monitor data as it moves through your pipeline with visual debugging, build custom nodes and entire pipelines with our Python SDK, and deploy using our CLI.

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Deploy in your cloud (coming soon)

Deploy Gather within your cloud provider for maximum security and minimal latency.

Powerful scheduler

Schedule your Flows to be on any schedule, from minutes to weeks. Built in logging and error alerts.


Flow comes with many off-the-shelf connectors to many data sources. For those we don’t yet have, create your own using our SDK (coming soon).