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Identify customers who are at the greatest risk of churning, perform interventions and build automated workflows to help your success team perform at scale.

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Native Integrations

Painless setup, seamless data transfer, and enhanced functionality with the rest of your stack.


Customer Success Stack

Understand the customer journey with Gather’s unified customer view, leverage signaling to predict customer churn, get notified when warning signals are present and create intervention workflows before customers churn.


Product Usage


Customer Data



Unified Data Layer

A unified customer view with native integrations for all of your existing tools - customer and sales data from HubSpot, payment data and plans from Stripe, support tickets from Zendesk, to name a few. Gather unifies the data and builds an integrated timeline for you so you can piece together the full customer story.

Native CRM integrations

Customer timeline


Native 3rd party integrations

Signals and Alerts

Predict churn with higher level metrics like customer health scores. Get notifications in Slack when customer behavior signals dip into the warning zone. Never miss another opportunity to intervene when things go wrong.

Easy-to-configure Health Score

Threshold-based alerting

Alerting based on trends (percentage change WoW)

Intervention Workflow

Lovelace, Inc dropped below 50% health

Schedule check-in

Notify team via Slack


Build success processes to help you scale - intervention workflows when negative signals are triggered, maintenance workflows for regularly scheduled check-ins and relationship workflows to set up different touchpoints within your organization. Increase productivity and operationalize your success.

Single step actions

Multi-step workflows

Trigger workflows on intelligence events

Workflows based on segments


Powering success for

thousands of customers

Gather has enabled us to exceed our customers’ expectations. We’ve achieved best-in-breed CSAT and retention numbers, which has helped us to develop customer champions and propel our organic growth.

Karim Butt

CTO, GlossGenius


Built for Developers

Built on top of a extensible data model, Gather is easy to integrate and easy to extend.


Extensible data-model

Simple client libraries


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const gather = new Gather({
    clientId: 'my_client_id'

gather.account('account_123', {
    name: 'Lovelace, Inc',
    country: 'England'

gather.user('user_123', {
    first_name: 'Ada',
    last_name: 'Lovelace',
    email: 'ada@lovelace.com'
    account: 'account_123'
curl https://api.gatherdata.co/models/account/records \
  -d id="account_123"
  -d name="Lovelace, Inc"
  -d country="England"

    "id": "account_123",
    "name": "Lovelace, Inc",
    "country": "England",

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