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What is Gather?

Gather is a powerful, customizable admin tool for customer support teams. Gather aggregates customer data, like charges from Stripe or order info from Shopify, and automates repetitive backend processes, like issuing refunds via Chargify or changing account information in your database. Gather is so easy to configure, any non-technical manager can build custom automations and data views in minutes to supercharge their team’s productivity.

Why use Gather?

Gather unblocks customer support teams by empowering them to build the internal tools they need right now, instead of waiting for developer resources. For developers, Gather removes the burden of managing an entirely separate internal tool and building all of the process-based integrations, allowing them to get back to work on the product.

Does Gather replace my helpdesk?

No, keep your favorite helpdesk to communicate with your customers! Gather is the link between your external communications and your internal processes. We help streamline those processes by aggregating data into a single view and automating your repetitive workflows, making the communication seamless.

For a list of helpdesks we support, see integrations.

Does Gather integrate with other applications?

Yes. We integrate with a wide range of partners including Zendesk, Stripe, Chargify, Slack, Salesforce, databases and more. Don’t see the one you need? Let us know at integrations@gatherdata.co. It could already be on our roadmap!

Set up

How do I get started?

All you have to do is just sign up. You will get a free 14 day trial just by creating a new account. If you need any help, chat with us or email us at support@gatherdata.co.

Do developers need to be involved?

Only for set up, which should take 15 minutes for integrations and most automations will take only 5 minutes each but some could take longer.

Adding and Setting up Integrations: You will need an API key for 2 of our integrations: your own database and Chargify. All of our other supported integrations use OAuth. This means if you have an account and login details for the integration you want to add, all you have to do is click the “Connect” button. If you don't have login details to the 3rd party service, you might have to ask whoever is the admin to help.

Setting up Magic Actions: For 3rd party services that you have account details for, you can configure it all yourself using our easy step-by-step Builder. If your actions involve your database or internal API, you will need to get help from your developer team. This could include actions like extending a trial. The developer would create an API endpoint and hook it up to an action that triggers it. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

Account and Billing

What happens after the trial?

At the end of your trial, all of setup remains intact. You can login and fill in payment details to complete the purchase.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes. You can cancel anytime - hassle free.

Can I add/remove reps?

It’s really easy to add or remove reps whenever you like from within your account.

How many seats do I need to buy?

We have no minimum number of seats. If you need custom enterprise pricing, please contact us at sales@gatherdata.co.


Is Gather secure?

Yes. We treat security very seriously. We securely encrypt API keys, we don't don't store any customer data, only metadata, and we encrypt all data in transit. We run on Google Cloud Platform with servers in the USA. See our Security page for more details.

Is my business data private and safe?

Yes. Customer security and privacy is core to our values at Gather, and our team has extensive experience building secure applications.


Have more questions? Reach out at support@gatherdata.co. We're here to help!